Become a Prom Rep by registering below and you could qualify for a free tux and $100 cash!

  • After submitting this form, verify that the information you entered is displaying correctly on each rep card.
  • Print out the rep cards page and cut on the dotted line to hand out the cards to your friends. You may also pick up pre-printed cards at your local Tip Top Tux.
  • Always losing coupons? No problem, just text your friends their coupon. Take a picture of your printed card and text it to friends. Make sure your name and school are on them so you get credit!
  • You will receive a FREE shoe rental (a $15 value) just for becoming a rep! Refer at least five of your friends and have them bring in your card or coupon to Tip Top Tux for a tuxedo or suit rental.
  • If you have 5 people return your cards and/or show your text message, your tux rental is FREE
  • If you have 10 people return your cards and/or show your text message, you’ll receive $100 in addition to your FREE tuxedo rental!

If you’re located near one of our Dream Dress Express stores, you can participate in our partner program with a chance to win a free dress!

Here’s how it works:

  • For every person you refer, you get an additional entry into a drawing to WIN YOUR DRESS, FREE!
  • You can refer both tuxedo rentals or dress sales (aka, the ENTIRE student population)
  • No restrictions on price. You win, you win! We’ll reimburse you the full amount of the dress you purchased.

Not bad for just saving your friends some money.

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  • NOTE: Once you fill out the registration form, you will be given a page of pre-filled rep cards to print out for your convenience. Please save a link to this page for future reference.

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